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Finding Your Own Path in 2022

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Hey girl!

A new year is upon us and I’m sure the “pressure” is already on. You’re probably thinking to yourself “where do I begin?” or “how will this year go?” and the list of questions go on and on. Well, I’m here to remind you not to panic. Before you get too deep into your thoughts for the next 363 days, take a moment to remind yourself of a few things.

Reminder #1: Monitor what you take in this year

Don’t focus on what others are planning for themselves and their resolutions. Remember this is YOUR journey, YOUR 2022. Here’s how I’m going to make sure I stay focused on me and you should too!

I will:

  • Set my own goals and achieve them by actually creating timelines for myself and putting tactics in place.

  • Create my own path.

  • Be patient with my journey.

  • Be proud of all milestones whether small or big.

I won’t:

  • Feel pressured by other’s goals and successes.

  • Jump on trends without thinking about how it will affect me.

  • Throw in the towel no matter how hard it gets.

Reminder #2: Take control

Be in charge of YOU. Don’t let others dictate your pace and how you should achieve your goals. I promised myself:

I will:

  • Block out negativity from others.

  • Take charge of my emotions by finding solutions to manage them.

  • Remove myself from my comfort zone so I can uncover the true me.

  • Hold myself accountable by being honest with myself at all times.

I won’t:

  • Give into self-doubt.

  • Judge myself harshly.

  • Suffer from burnout.

Reminder #3: Be intentional

This year don’t only promise yourself that you’ll go after what you want and what you’ve been dreaming of. Also promise yourself that you’ll be intentional about other things in life like your health and mindset. Repeat after me:

I will:

  • Do all that I need to do to achieve my goals even if it means sacrificing.

  • Set high and realistic standards for myself.

  • Eat nourishing foods and on time.

  • Continue to find ways to boost self-care.

I won’t:

  • Give up on new opportunities even if I am fearful.

  • Make choices that aren’t in alignment with my values and vision.

So let’s squeeze this year as much as we can. And remember, if some goals aren’t achieved, it simply means that the time for them to be accomplished is delayed, not denied.

As you go through this year, at least remember these three things:- monitor what you take in, take control and be intentional. And yes, I always say to “make real sweet lemonade” from the lemons life gives you but this year, I urge you to stay on your own path and choose your own level of sweetness!

Let’s use this community to help us stay accountable.

Thank you for reading, liking, sharing and being a member of The Clique.

P.S. something is coming and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Cheers to a successful, prosperous and happy 2022!


Christal-Ann Downes

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