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The Clique is an online community that comprises of females whose interest is in building their personal and professional brands.

These females offer and gain support from other females and fellow Femtrepreneurs.

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about this initiative here:

So why should you join The Clique?

Be among the first to become a member so that you can:

  • Have the opportunity to meet and interact with other females and Femtrepreneurs across the island and the globe.

  • Share your life and entrepreneurial experiences and wins with others.

  • Uplift other females and be motivated by them in turn.

  • Be eligible for future product, service and event discounts.

  • Get exclusive business tips and tricks on how to propel and improve you business and everyday life.

Just 4 easy steps

to join:

Here's how to get in on this amazing opportunity.

  1. Click here to go to the top of the page.

  2. Click the login button in the top left.

  3. Select how you want to sign up

    • Facebook​

    • Google

    • Other email

  4. Build your account to help others get to know you.​

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