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About She Markets WEC

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She Markets Women's Empowerment Clique (S.M.W.E.C) was founded in June 2020, in the beautiful island of Barbados during the COVID-19 pandemic to merely offer words of encouragement and marketing tips to female entrepreneurs. The idea was to help these individuals keep a positive outlook on life despite the difficult times the world was facing. 


Fast forward to today, this unique and emerging organisation is one of a kind because of its all-encompassing nature. S.M.W.E.C is built on the proverbial phrase "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". With this popular saying in mind, its Founder realised that there are many facets to life which needed to be broken down into categories. She then developed a holistic structure to serve as the base of S.M.W.E.C which is used to aid all decision making. This structure is often referred to as the 4 Pillars/Ps of the clique:

  1. Physical which represents how we look and carry ourselves. We have our clothing line Sweet Limón by She Markets which helps females to look & feel good.

  2. Professional which constitutes how we conduct ourselves in the presence of others. We host Branding classes & various events for females.

  3. Personal which focuses on us females growing through life. Get our recipes & tips from Cravings by She Markets WEC.

  4. Psychological which concerns the fact that we must not forget that mental health is extremely important. We provide products such as our Lemon Lavender candle & our yearly planners to help females & Femtrepreneurs focus on themselves & their craft.


Our pledge is to help Females and Femtrepreneurs (female entrepreneurs) become their best self through the provision of products and services that coincide with the pillars of the clique.


After all, we are the hearts of our lemon trees (our businesses) and they can't survive if we don't survive. So cheers to making real sweet lemonade together! 

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