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Hey girl!


Thank you for your interest in this initiative. Find out more on what it's all about below.

Find out more

about this initiative here:

At She Markets Women's Empowerment Clique, we're all for showcasing talent and the product(s) and/or services small female owned businesses in the island of Barbados and across the Caribbean, have to offer.

This initiative was created with the intention of helping us get to know you, and bring awareness to your brand in a cool, exciting and fun way. We will be using your responses from the form to create a brief profile about you and your business in our highlight titled 'F.O.T.W Feature' on our Instagram page.


Become the next F.O.T.W

The end! Hit the 'submit' button & don't forget to send us a headshot of you to This photo will help potential customers associate a face with a name.

Thanks for becoming a part of this initiative! Look out for your feature on our Instagram page.

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