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5 Ways I Stay Calm As a Femtrepreneur

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Dive into how I stay focused and relaxed throughout these uncertain times. Learn how to create and develop your own self-care strategies.

Hey Girl, I’m so glad you’re back! As for our newbies, Welcome! As you know, the aim of my blog is to bring to you solutions and strategies that will help you throughout your entire #entrepreneurial journey.

“Do you already practice good self-care? If you do that's awesome! And if you haven't yet found how to stay relaxed, read on to find out how I currently take care of myself, remain productive and plan to improve on my self-care.

How it Started

Due to the recent happenings, it’s proving that stress levels are at an all time high, but let’s not talk about it too much! Instead, let’s talk about getting into simple acts of self-care and how we can at times detox from the world. Let me give you a little backstory before we get there. I’ll tell you that prior to beginning my entrepreneurial journey, I most definitely was not a huge fan of self-care on a consistent basis. I would attend my 9:00-5:00 job, return home, get ready for the following work day and repeat until Friday. But after becoming self-employed, I started realizing the need for more self-care and being intentional with it.

The Journey

When I first became an #entrepreneur, I would visit spas to have facials, pedicures and manicures etc. Although I loved doing these activities, I thought to myself there must be other types that are relaxing and fun that I can add to my list of self-care strategies. However, I did not act on it immediately. What helped me to actually implement them, was a weekend retreat I attended. I was taught to mean it and do it- hence being “intentional”. What I also took away from this life-changing retreat, is that you must set aside time for yourself even if it is a mere 5 minutes. And you really have to. It will help you to:

  • Realign your thoughts

  • Refocus

  • Function better

  • Be more productive

Fast forward to after the retreat, I developed self-care strategies that I am determined to stick to. Remember, having both a healthy body and mind are extremely important. Before you develop and implement your self-care strategies, let me tell you my strategies.

My Strategies

So here are my self-care strategies. I haven’t implemented them all at once, but I am adding them as time goes by. As Sophia Bush said, “you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and work in progress, simultaneously.” Also, I want you to remember that self-care doesn't have to be expensive! Here are my at home self-care strategies- they’re simple but extremely effective and help me to relax, concentrate and stay focused.

#1: Eating properly

Recently on our Instagram story, I would’ve mentioned that I’ve been struggling with eating on time, because I would want to complete my tasks by a certain time. Now, I ensure I plan each of my days and note exactly what I will eat. I’ve even developed a Habit Tracker for myself and our Clique members to help us stay on track (hint: join The Clique if you haven’t- I promise you’re missing out on some goodies).

#2: Getting rest

Resting for me doesn’t always mean sleep. I rest by just laying doing nothing while taking in the scent of our Lemon Lavender candle. Yes! You’ve read correctly, our candle has officially launched!

#3: Exercising

For a little while now, I’ve fallen off with my weekly exercising and if you have too, that is ok! Sometimes we go through cycles. However, I’m determined to restart and get back on track even if it’s for just 10 minutes thrice a week.

#4: Drinking water

For most of each day, I try to drink as much water as I possibly can but it’s been a struggle. My plan is to increase my water intake daily especially because the days are so hot!

#5: Disconnecting

To disconnect I watch TV even when I have many tasks to complete. Because let’s face it, the tasks are never ending but it’s important that we make time to care for ourselves. Remember- be intentional!

Before you go, here are a few tips on how you can create and develop your own self-care strategies:

  1. Grab a piece of pen & paper.

  2. Draw a circle in the middle & label it ‘My self-care strategies’.

  3. Think of all things that make you happy.

  4. Draw individual lines from the circle & draw mini circles- you should have something looking like a web.

  5. In each mini circle, place each of the things that make you happy. These will become your self-care strategies.

  6. After you decide which you will pick to use, also ask yourself if they’re sustainable and doable. Make sure you make time to complete them each time!

  7. As time goes on, tweak them and add more if necessary.

So that’s my little two cents on self-care. I hope you develop and stick to your strategies too (if you don’t already). Sorry to repeat but if you haven’t joined The Clique, you missed out on getting the first squeeze about our Lemon Lavender candle. But no worries, several other new and exciting things are coming your way so ensure you join right now to avoid missing out yet again.

As always, thank you for reading and for your continuous support. I hope this post helps you a great lot and you are able to take away some valuable information. Don’t forget to like, share, comment and invite others to join The Clique by signing up and subscribing!

Have a great week girls!



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