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Vendor Meal Orders

Dear Valued Vendor,

Please take a moment to fill out the meal form linked below. This information is crucial for ensuring that we can accommodate your dietary needs and preferences during the event. Please note the deadline: Tuesday June 11, 2024.

Thank you for your prompt attention and cooperation!

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Meal Order Form

Vendor Meal Order Form

Please note all vendor packages come with ONE full meal. One full meal = 2 starches, 1 protein, 2 veg and 1 beverage.

Please select your starches (2 options max).
Please select your protein (1 option max).
Barbeque Chicken
Grilled Fish with caper Cream
Please select your veg (you can select both veg options).
Please select your beverage (water stations will be available on-site).
Carbonated drink
Please select your number of additional meals if any (if you've already paid for additional meal(s) kindly ignore the fee).
No extra meal(s)
1 extra meal (BBD 70.00)
2 extra meals (BBD 140.00)
3 extra meals (BBD 210.00)
4 extra meals (BBD 280.00)
5 extra meals (BBD 350.00)
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