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Brand Building 101 (Your Brand Image)




6 Weeks

About the Course

This 6-week course is a thorough and in-depth course, designed to help small business owners build their business brand. It will teach them how to create and develop a brand that is top of mind for their customers; one that will help them dominate and stand out in their industry.

Each week, students will learn how to properly use and apply strategies big brands use through the provision of face-to-face classes. Several resources and materials geared towards brand image and identity will also be given. A brief outline of the course is provided below.

Brief Course Outline/Objectives

Week 1: Brand Clarity- determining your brand's target

Week 2: Brand Purpose- determining your reason for doing business beyond profit

Week 3: The Perfect Pitch- getting your products & services to stand out and grab your consumers' attention

Week 4: Brand Identity & Visuals- identifying & developing your brand's mood, look & feel

Week 5: The Customer Journey- identifying what your customers need & determine how you will satisfy those needs

Week 6: Monitoring & Assessment- learning how to enhance your brand & revise the customer journey

Your Instructor

Christal-Ann Downes

Christal-Ann Downes

Christal-Ann is a Branding Strategist who worked in the Branding and Advertising field. Prior to gaining experience in the corporate world, she successfully completed a Masters in Marketing (Distinction) at UWI Cave Hill in Barbados, where she was awarded the Student of the Year award.

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